Barbara Davis
National Institutes of Health

If you are looking for a chance to experience a new and exciting career pathway in veterinary pathology, consider the U. S. government. There are endless opportunities to explore many different facets of the veterinary pathology profession. Veterinary pathologists employed by the U. S. government are involved in medical research of infectious disease, chemical agents, and bioterrorism, the development of life-saving vaccines and medical devices, and the advancement of genetic animal modeling in premier facilities worldwide.

Government-employed veterinary pathologists seeking additional training can compete for U.S. government supported masters and doctorate programs. If serving full time as a U.S. government employee, you will earn a competitive salary and receive many benefits such as opportunity to travel, up to 30 days paid vacation time earned annually, low-cost life insurance and noncontributory retirement benefits after 20 years of qualified service. If you would like to develop your potential both professionally and personally, explore the unique opportunities as a veterinary pathologist in the U.S. government.